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International Workshop on Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Systems

October 2, 2022 – Chicago

In conjunction with MICRO 2022


Schedules and topics.


FastPath 2022 brings together researchers and practitioners involved in cross-stack hardware/software performance analysis, modeling, and evaluation for efficient machine learning systems. Machine learning demands tremendous amount of computing. Current machine learning systems are diverse, including cellphones, high performance computing systems, database systems, self-driving cars, robotics, and in-home appliances. Many machine-learning systems have customized hardware and/or software. The types and components of such systems vary, but a partial list includes traditional CPUs assisted with accelerators (ASICs, FPGAs, GPUs), memory accelerators, I/O accelerators, hybrid systems, converged infrastructure, and IT appliances. Designing efficient machine learning systems poses several challenges.

These include distributed training on big data, hyper-parameter tuning for models, emerging accelerators, fast I/O for random inputs, approximate computing for training and inference, programming models for a diverse machine-learning workloads, high-bandwidth interconnect, efficient mapping of processing logic on hardware, and cross system stack performance optimization. Emerging infrastructure supporting big data analytics, cognitive computing, large-scale machine learning, mobile computing, and internet-of-things, exemplify system designs optimized for machine learning at large.


FastPath seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas on performance analysis and evaluation of machine learning/AI systems and seeks papers on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:


Prospective authors must submit a 2-4 page extended abstract electronically on EasyChair

Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to give a 30-min presentation at the workshop.

Key Dates

Item Date
Submission September 19, 2022
Notification September 26, 2022
Workshop October 2, 2022


Role People
General Chair Erik Altman (IBM)
Program Chairs Parijat Dube (IBM), Nandita Vijaykumar (University of Toronto)
Web Chair Gavin (Yushi) Guan (University of Toronto)
Publicity Chair TBD

Program Committee

PC Member Affiliation
Vignesh Balaji NVidia
Ulrich Finkler IBM
Christina Giannoula University of Toronto
Siva Hari NVidia
Lei Jiang Indiana University – Bloomington
Jongsoo Park Facebook
Brandon Reagan NYU / Facebook
Jaewoong Sim Seoul National University
Zehra Sura Bloomberg
Ana Varbanescu TU Delft

Invited Speakers

Speaker Affiliation
Tor Aamodt University of British Columbia
Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee IBM Research
Saugata Ghose University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Eliu A. Huerta University of Chicago / Argonne National Lab
Yuan Lo Northwestern University
Andreas Moshovos University of Toronto
Antonino Tumeo Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Previous Editions

FastPath 2021 was held in conjunction with ISPASS 2021.

FastPath 2020 was held in conjunction with ISPASS 2020. Full-day with 7 invited speakers and 2 regular speakers.

FastPath 2019 was held in conjunction with ISPASS 2019. Full-day with 8 invited speakers and 3 regular speakers.

FastPath 2018 was held in conjunction with ISPASS 2018. Full-day with 4 invited speakers and a panel.

FastPath 2015 was held in conjunction with ISPASS 2015. Half-day with 4 invited speakers.

FastPath 2014 was held in conjunction with ISPASS 2014. Full-day with 3 invited speakers and 4 regular speakers.

FastPath 2013 was held in conjunction with ISPASS 2013. Full-day with 1 keynote speaker, 6 invited speakers and 1 regular speaker.

FastPath 2012 was held in conjunction with ISPASS 2012. Half-day with 1 keynote speaker and 3 invited speakers.